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Daily Pic: Leanna Decker showing her shaved pussy



I love Leanna Decker; she deserves a spot among the redhead royalty. What a great myriad  of freckles forming constellations across her torso – I almost see the big dipper. I might dedicate a weekday to this one since it’s her third or fourth mention here.

Found at: http://redheadfun.com

Daily Pic: To Fucking Hot

imageWhat’s going on here? This chick is too fucking gorgeous. like I would have a heart attack waking up severely hungover to find her in my bed, and if I live I would propose to her. I don’t care if her tits might be fake, I’ll get over it! She’s a fucking goddess.

Found at http://the-nude-girls.info/fishnet-young-nude-redhea-beauty-tattoos.html but I really need to do some leg work and figure out where she’s really to be found.

Daily Pic



I love SG, and a redhead babe with tattoos is fucking my thing, man. I happen to be a photographer by trade, so the soft natural lighting cascading over those perfect breasts gets me going in four dimensions of awe. I Don’t know if she’s a natural but she’s fits the bill.

found here http://redblow.com/suicide-girls-vol-5/