Listen folks, I’ve been in deep contemplation for some time now. What I’ve come too conclude is that an adult site dedicated specifically to real Redhead amateurs plucked off the streets must now come in to existence.

Here’s the deal: Procuring such natural redheaded talent requires start up capital. I’m already a photographer with all the necessary gear, and have an IMPULSIVE OBSESSION with those fiery women of the north . I now wish to use my powers for evil and what I need from you is a few pennies here and there.

So if you want to see exclusive amateur redhead content I’m asking you to give me at least $1 in donation to my cause. I’ll do you one better, for a one time donation of $30 or more I will put you on a VIP list where you’ll get to preview the content before it goes live online. YES, never before seen high quality footage and photos will come directly to YOU first, before the rest of the of the world. For a limited time only you’ll have a chance to see a life time of free content for only $30 – yeah that’s right thirty bucks for a lifetime VIP pass!

Here’s my initial concept: I’m going to artfully film natural redheads undressing and masturbating to orgasm, and include a complete set of photos for each girl. – and if you’re a VIP you’ll get exclusive access right through your inbox!

Eventually I’ll bring redheads around to suck and fuck but it’s cheaper (and easier to sell them on) to get started with the less hardcore stuff.

Now that’s not going to be cheap, I’m expecting to pay a premium to get otherwise innocent redheads to let me expose them on the interwebs. So seriously, SPREAD THE WORD! My goal to get started is about $5,000 USD. I’ll keep you posted on my progress with that.

Just so you know that I have some talent with a camera here’s a moody artsy non-redhead shoot I did for a friend some time ago:




raised of a $5,000.00 goal

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